Cinal L White EXIA


A focus on the specific mechanism
that causes spots in skin cells
Component 01
Contains more
anti-sunspotting agents than
any other Cinal product

Vitamin C1,200mg


(per 6 tablets)

Component 02
Excellent components※2
for skin activation
Biotin, Calcium pantothenate,
Vitamin B6
These excellent components approach the melanocytes
deep inside the epidermis from within the body
and lighten pre-existing spots.
  • *1 Compounded amount of Vitamin C and L-cysteine
    for the Cinal series with L-cysteine
  • *2 Components that support normal skin function


Spotting is a state of
error in the cells
In the case of a typical sunburn, the body produces melanin in the affected cells, which then slough off and are replaced by new cells.
01UV rays damage the DNA
The skin cell DNA damaged by ultraviolet rays is not repaired, and black melanin, which is the source of the spots, continues to be generated uncontrollably.
02UV rays cause aging of
the cells
Ultraviolet rays accelerate decreasing cell proliferation and prevent old cells from being replaced.


EXIA’s technology to lighten spots


The 60-year history of  "Cinal"
Since its launch as an prescription drug in 1959,
we have been continually improving
it as a
"Vitamin C" brand to meet the needs of our customers.

Launched as an ethical drug

July 1959,
Cinal (the present Cinal Combination Granules)
Sept. 1966,
Cinal Tablets (the present Cinal Combination Tablets)

Launched as an
over-the-counter drug

Oct. 1983,
Cinal S Tablets, Cinal S Fine Granules
Feb. 1991,
Cinal A Fine Granules
June 1991,
Cinal A Capsules

Improved ingredients
and ease of consumption

Sept. 2011,
launched Cinal L White Tablets
May 2012,
Cinal EX Granules
Cinal EX Chewable Tablets
Apr. 2016,
Cinal L White 2
Aug. 2018,
Cinar EX Granules e
Cinal EX Chewable Tablets e


Product information

[Dosage and Administration]

Age Single dose Number of daily doses
Adult (15 years old or older) 3 tablets Twice
Child (7 to 14 years old) 1 tablet
Infant (Under 7 years old) Not to be administered.
  • * Please strictly adhere to the prescribed Dosage and Administration.
  • * For use in children, please administer under the supervision of parents or guardians.


Ingredients Contents (in 6 tablets)
Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 1200mg
L-Cysteine 240mg
Calcium pantothenate 24mg
Pyridoxine hydrochloride
(Vitamin B6)
Biotin 500μg
  • * Please check the additives from the detailed product information.
  • * Taking this drug may affect urine and stool test values. If you undergo these tests, please inform your doctor that you are taking this drug.
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