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Drug for treatment of eczema and dermatitisCharacteristics of Rinderon Vs

Rinderon Vs is a drug for skin diseases, including eczema and dermatitis, that treats symptoms such as rash and itchiness related to them, and it is a topical steroid classed as strong, which is the strongest group of OTC drugs.
You can choose from two forms, ointment or cream, whichever is suitable for the skin condition.

About Rinderon Vs

How to use topical steroids

Apply the proper amount of Rinderon Vs Ointment/Cream
to the affected area one to several times a day.
“1 FTU = about 0.5 g,” the amount of ointment or cream from the end of the index finger to the first crease in the finger of an adult, is used for application to an area twice the size of the flat of an adult’s hand with the fingers together.
Put the drug on the affected area and spread it gently, not rubbing it strongly.

How to apply topical steroids
How to apply topical steroids
Proper use of ointments and creams according to the situation
Proper use of ointments and creams
according to the situation

How to use Rinderon VsRinderon Vs has beneficial effects against daily skin troubles and various kinds of dermatitis.

As Rinderon Vs Ointment/Cream contain “betamethasone valerate,” which has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, they have beneficial effects against eczema, dermatitis, heat rash, rash, itchiness, chilblains, insect bites, and hives.

Daily skin troubles and various kinds of dermatitis
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    Rinderon Vs can be bought from a pharmacist or registered seller at a pharmacy/drugstore.
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  • For your better understanding
    Rinderon Vs is a designated class 2 OTC drug.
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