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Commitment to the package

The package is easy to use and provides necessary information.

  1. 1Front-opening box

    A front-opening box was chosen for easy taking out and returning of the content.
    The content is firmly stored in the box with the lid closed.
    The back side of the lid has the necessary information for use.

    The front-opening part of the package
  2. 2Separable back plate

    The back plate is perforated so that it can be used as a POP advertising board, and it can be separated for storage after purchase.

    Separable back plate of the package
  3. 3User-friendly accessible code for customers, including visually challenged users

    The QR Translator code was debossed (recessed) for easy identification by visually challenged users.

    QR Translator code on the package
  4. 4Information service for visually challenged users and non-Japanese users

    By reading the QR Translator code with a mobile terminal, the language of the user is recognized, and the information is automatically read out in the language.
    The information is available in seven languages (Japanese, English, simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, Korean, Portuguese, and Vietnamese).

    The information is read out.
About Rinderon Vs
  • How to buy
    Rinderon Vs can be bought from a pharmacist or registered seller at a pharmacy/drugstore.
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  • FAQ about topical steroids
    Frequently asked questions about Rinderon Vs, such as how to apply and application considerations, are listed.
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  • For your better understanding
    Rinderon Vs is a designated class 2 OTC drug.
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topical steroids

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How to apply topical steroids
Proper use of ointments and creams according to the situation
Proper use of ointments and creams according to the situation

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