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Choice between ointment and cream

About two forms: ointment and cream

Two forms of Rinderon Vs, ointment and cream, are available, and they are chosen according to the conditions of the affected area and feeling during use.


As the ointment is less irritating than the cream and the moisturizing/protecting effect is strong, it is most frequently used. It can be applied to various lesion conditions, from moistening areas to dry areas, but it is characterized by its stickiness.


The cream is an emulsion of oil particles in water produced using an emulsifier, and it is characterized by its low stickiness. As it spreads well, it is suitable for areas where you want to avoid the stickiness of ointment, but it is not suitable for moist and oozing areas as it may be irritating.

Differences between ointment and cream

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  Ointment Cream
Base Oil Emulsion of water and oil
Irritating property Weak Stronger than ointment
Stickiness Strong As it contains water, it spreads well and is less sticky
Skin absorption Slower than cream Easy to be absorbed
Affected areas appropriate for use Can be applied to all affected areas under any conditions.
Can be applied to patients who have sensitive skin because it is less irritating.
Suitable for application mainly to dry areas.
Not suitable to oozy lesions or areas with wounds.
Advantages and disadvantages Keeps the skin moist and protects the skin. With its fresh and good feeling, often switched from ointment in summer but easily washed off by sweat.
About Rinderon Vs
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    Frequently asked questions about Rinderon Vs, such as how to apply and application considerations, are listed.
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    Rinderon Vs is a designated class 2 OTC drug.
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How to apply topical steroids
Proper use of ointments and creams according to the situation
Proper use of ointments and creams according to the situation

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